Expert help to open up new models and new markets.

Expert help to open up new models and new markets.

LondStock is a team with proven experience in helping tech and consumer goods businesses launch into new markets in the UK, Scandinavia and across Europe. But that isn’t the only business transition we’re adept at handling.

Team with proven experience

We can step in to aid you through significant business change programmes. We can act as interim management as you transition between sales leadership or management team. Increasingly, we are speaking with businesses that are exploring the possibilities of a new digital “as-a-Service” business model.

Transition. Competition. Market leadership.

These are, perhaps, the biggest challenges that businesses are facing right now. Getting it right can help you to secure a significant source of competitive advantage. Our team can help you to determine the right choices for you and work with your team to develop new strategies and operations to enable the transition of your existing business to a new “as-a-Service” model or the development of “X-a-a-S” as a new additional revenue stream or distribution channel.